Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Been awhile....

I can not believe I have not posted to this blog since June 14th! I guess I have just been that busy. A lot has happened since then...

I decided to get a real full-time job for many reasons, but mostly for financial reasons. I got a job at Reliance Bank as a teller in July. At my interview, I told Allison Phillips, who interviewed me, about the adoption and that we might be getting a baby soon. She said they would work with me and that I would get a maternity leave just as a pregnant woman would. This was great for me.

Well... it turned out that I would definately need that maternity leave because upon being hired I did not know it but I was ALREADY pregnant... only about three weeks, of course. I had been there a week and knew something did not feel quite right. I decided to test one Sunday morning in July and much to our surprise... it was POSITIVE!!! Sometimes, I still can't believe it!

We kept it a secret for a while because of my miscarriage last year. But, I am now almost 18 weeks pregnant and we are finding out the sex of the baby next Wednesday. We are so excited and feel so blessed. It is possible that God had other plans for us or that was His plan... for us to learn more about patience and how to deal with grief and waiting together. It is possible that one day in the future we will still adopt. It is so close to my heart still and I am not counting it out.

So, that is where the McGuire's are right now... waiting on the arrival of our second baby in March. This baby's due date is actually Lilly's birthday, March the 29th! I am still working at Reliance Bank and I love it there. Everyone is great to work with and I feel the Lord led me to this job.

Thank you to any of you who were praying for us to have another baby no matter how that baby came into our lives.

Just to update the story about the baby we got the call about while we were at the beach. The little boy was born and he was severely affected from his problems. He was eating and sleeping and doing what most newborns do but the MRI on his brain told a very scary story. The mother still decided to place for adoption and he went to live with a foster family. The woman of this foster family was a nurse and she could stay home with him full-time, so I felt that he was placed in a loving, nuturing home. The last I heard though they were not planning on adopting him.

~Anna Leigh


Julie said...

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for ya'll. I have missed reading your updates and was excited to see your blog in my google reader this morning. God is SOOO GOOD! Keep us updated.

Little Gifts From God said...

Hi, I don't know if you remember me but I am the person who you talked to about adoption. I am Amanda Moss and I found your blog through someone else's blog. I am really excited for you and your pregnancy. Just to let you know we are on the waiting list with Christian Family Services again. I hope to keep up with your blog and I hope that you will follow our blog as well.